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Powerider Central Crank Motor System


Powerider E-bikes are using a patented Powerider crank motor system. The weight of the crank motor system is less than 4.5Kg, which reduces the whole weight of the electric bike. The transmission gears such as Shimano gears of traditional bicycles can be adjusted to our crank motor system perfectly. Powerider crank drive electric bicycle will give the rider the ability to ride on steep hilly roads, while the hub ones can not do so. While the hub motor system is always located in front or rear wheel, crank motor system is located in the bottom bracket of the E-bike, so it just like a traditional bicycle. As you can see from the chart, Powerider 250W crank motor system has more torque than the hub motor system whose output power 500W. Powerider centre crank drive electric bicycle has superior power and speed than the hub ones.


Powerider crank motor electric bike has 7 speed rear derailleur, which results can climb up hilly roads with 30 degrees. Powerider electric bike crank motor system is located in the middle of the bike, this design will not affect the weight balance and the frame of the bike. It is really like a traditional bicycle. The crank motor system is chain drive method; we can use the gears to get more speed than a hub motor electric bicycle. Due to the one way clutch in the crank motor system, the riders can pedal the electric bike feeling no resistance when the battery’s power is off. When the riders turn on the battery switch and use the power assistant function, they will feel really comfortable to ride the E-bike. Pedal assist will help the rider to conserve energy and extend the distance of riding. With pedal assist mode, our crank motor system will engage when the rider begins pedalling and will disengage as soon as the rider stops pedalling or applies the brakes. The noise of Powerider crank motor electric bicycle is less than 56dB. So it is very quietly to ride it.

  • Torque Impact Test. 100,000 times
  • Dynamometer Durability Test, 500 hrs. (10000 km)
  • Water Proof Test IP54 two hrs
  • Test on road 5000km with different road surface, such as: asphalt, sandy, dirt, cobbles, brick, rectangles etc.
  • Zero riding resistance

Motor specifications:

Rated voltage(V) 36
Rated power(W) 250
Generator type Permanent magnet, direct currency, non-brush, non-Hall
Motor Max RPM (r/min) 2700
Motor Max Torque (N.m) 110
Motor speed reducer Steel gear system
Max RPM at crank(r/min) 90
Torque at wheel with 10ah battery(N·m) 60
Dimension(mm) 200×205×165
Weight 4.5kg
Noise(dB) 50
Dust proof, water proof IP54
Sprocket 48T
Mid-shaft D-inner screw thread
Power assistance sensor Inner embedded, speeding type, 12 signal/circle