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POWERIDER ELECTRIC BICYCLE with Central Crank Motor System

e-Bike – Fun Way to Go Green, Fun Way to Go Free

Welcome to Powerider Bicycle, Your single place destination to find your dream electric bike that would be your friend, a companion as you go healthy, go green and go free. Pedal like crazy when you have got all the energy, and when tired, simply relax, sit back, and let your friend your e-bike take you places.

There’s an e-Bike for Everyone – That’s Our Claim

With our huge variety of electric bikes for sale we are sure to bring a spring of happiness to your heart. No matter what you are looking for or what type of electric bike in Melbourne would suit your requirement, come and have a look at our vast range of electric bicycle and be sure to find the one that fits just perfect. You will find an e-bike that suits you at Powerider Bicycle – that’s our claim. Best part about our electric bike is that a simple electric bike motor or an electric bicycle conversion kit can enhance its performance to match your taste.

Test Drive Our Electric Bike in Melbourne

At Powerider Bicycle we understand our customers would want to try their choice of electric bicycle before making the buying decision and so here we bring to you an opportunity to test drive our incredibly fun electric bicycle before you make the purchase. Try them, know your choice of e-bike better, and buy only if you like it too much.

Besides being your companion that goes with you everywhere you go, Powerider Bicycle’s electric bike will also be your fitness expert, choose them as per your current requirements and ensure better health. Pedal away an e-bike and it will keep you fit and fine. Pedal them and you will be also sure to do your little bit to go green. With them comes freedom, to go where your heart wants to.

Ride our e-Bike and have better health and more freedom!