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Do I need a license or Registration to ride an electric bicycle?
No. As long as the power output of the motor does not exceed 200 watts. Under current Australian Road Laws these electric bicycles are considered to be ‘normal’ pedal bicycles, the same road rules apply as regular bicycles. You must however wear a good quality, properly fitted bicycle helmet is required.

How far can I go on one charge?
There are many variables that affect distance such as weight, terrain, number of stop / starts, riding speed, amount of pedal assistance, number of hills climbed, tyre pressures, and wind resistance etc. Laboratory tests indicate maximum range of 80km. But actual distance WILL depend on riding condition.

How fast does my bicycle go?
The speed would vary depending on several factors, such as tyre pressures, weight of rider, wind resistance, battery condition, and amount of pedal assistance, rider fitness. A rough guide is around 25-30 km/h with throttle use only, if use pedal assist model will go even faster (Depends on riders fitness level, terrain etc)

Do I need to pedal?
Only if you want to, however, pedal power assist model is the most recommended combination for the best effective operation, especially on hills.

Does the battery recharge while pedal?
No, recharged is only affected with the approved charger supplied.

What if the battery goes flat while riding?
Simply turn off assist model and ride the electric bicycle as a normal bicycle.

How do I recharge the battery?
Each electric bicycle comes with Australian Approved CE 240 Volt battery charger, can be plugged into any standard household power point.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?
Depends on battery conditions, a full charge could take approx 3-5 hours.

How long does the battery last?
We use latest generation high performance lithium polymer batteries; Laboratory tests have indicated that batteries will take up 800 recharges from flat – 2000 recharges from quarter or less flat. Battery quality and life will vary.

Does an electric bicycle make noise?
No. They are not making noise at all. Compared to petrol motor, an electric bicycle is virtually silent.

What maintenance is involved?
Basically there is no ongoing maintenance on motor and electrics; the motor and electrics are designed to be near maintenance free under normal conditions; bicycle maintenance will revolve around, tyres, brakes, lights, gears etc, which can be carried out by regular bicycle shop

Does the electric bicycle waterproof?
Yes. You can ride our electric bikes in the light rain without worrying about damaging the electric components.

How long does it take for my electric bicycle to arrive?
Delivery will be made within 3-6 days after payment cleared.