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Why E-Bike

Why E-Bike?

Climbing Hills

It’s obviously easy to climb hills on an electric bike. With the 200W motor supplementing your pedalling, you’ll be able to comfortably ride up hills that you might not even attempt on a traditional bike. For many people living in city and other hilly parts of the surround Area, an electric bike can make it possible to ride a bike when it wouldn’t otherwise be an option!


An electric bike saves you time. It eliminates the time spent looking for parking. It eliminates time waiting for the bus (and often is a faster ride than the bus). Traffic jams can be avoided via side streets. For a compact city like Melbourne or Sydney as well as for many other Areas, an electric bike is timesaving, practical transportation.


E-Bike is a very seductive form of exercise. That’s not hype. You won’t ever need to force yourself to get on the bike. You’ll want to. It will make you feel good. The power of the motor makes the rider strong enough to ride without making the muscles ache. Go for a ride Powerider electric bike and you’ll appreciate why we say: “All gain, no pain.”

The Environment

What kind of impact does our choice of transportation have on the world? An electric bike is high-utility, low-impact transportation. In Australia, cars are the top contributor to local air, water, and noise pollution. A large percentage of cars in the City are being used by individuals for trips of ten KMs or less. Replacing the high impact of a single passenger car with the low impact of an electric bike will make a positive difference for both the individual and environment. Our choices have an impact on the future. An electric bike is healthy step in the right direction.


An electric bike is an exceptionally convenient form of transportation. It’s simple and quick. Though it won’t carry two kids and the dog, it will carry two big bags of groceries and whatever else you want to load on the racks. An electric bike can easily carry a child-seat or tow a child trailer.
By removing the hassles of parking and adding the endorphins of an easy bike ride, an electric bike can replace a car for neighbourhood errands.


On an electric bike, parking ceases to be a hassle since bikes easily find parking (where cars drive around the neighbourhood searching). If you live in metro, parking is often something valuable beyond a price tag.


An electric bike can be cheaper than a gym membership, car insurance, or car payments. For some people, an electric bike will replace the car for neighbourhood errands. For others, an electric bike may enable them to use a car significantly less or replace a car altogether. Either way, a car costs $0.10-0.40 per KM to operate (including purchase price, insurance, GST, and maintenance). Operating an electric bike costs only few Cents.